NEW Definitions for your EPICs to Subtasks in Jira

We had a problem with “new" Jira. Let’s see what it is first.

Jira made some changes to their free and standard plans. That has happened a few years ago. If you tried to initiate Jira from the scratch in your organization very recently, you may have identified that Jira's great old flow (Epic > Story > Task > Sub-task) is no more there.

I don’t know why they wanted to so.

You can read this from their official forum.

Instead of the good old flow, they are asking us to use the below.

Standard issues > (Story,task,bug) > Sub-task



I think it helped us to see the developer’s subtasks more clearly on the daily stand-ups since we can see they are moving sub-tasks daily basis.

Let’s see what are the definitions of Epic, Story, Task, and Sub-task.

Story, also called “user stories” are short requirements or requests written from the perspective of an end-user.

Task, is also at the same level as the Story and has all the privileges similar to a Story as well. There are conversations going on in the JIRA forums about this Story and Tasks conflict after they have changes some conventions and plans recently.

Sub-task can be a sub-item of ‘Story’ or ‘Task’. So We need to tell JIRA by defining the default sub-task and what is the parent for it. Then we will get a ‘create sub task’ button for that particular type. It can be either a Story or a Task.

Except for the above four types, we have two more types that come above the Epic.

Initiatives are collections of epics that drive toward a common goal.

Themes are large focus areas that span the organization.

Hope you get something out from this article. Cheers!

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