Modular Framework to Enhance the Curricula in Universities

I had a chance to work and support on University Curriculum program in Sri Lanka and the following are some ideas that came into my mind while working on that and I was managed to draft them in the below format.

Every problem should have a problem statement so below is what I have seen here as the problem statement.


There are university programs crafted to deliver better industry-ready graduates within Sri Lanka.

But still, we can help make that process smoother, stronger, and accurate with the help of the industry.


Introduce a program to achieve the goal by solving the problem without affecting the existing system. (But with the help of the existing system!)

We might need a lot of stakeholders on this and mainly the following 3 parties would be there.

Udacity is one of the most successful online-based programs introduced at the moment. While it originally focused on offering university-style courses, it now focuses more on vocational courses for professionals. We also can get some experiments and courses they are offering as an example while working on this as well.

I design, code, and make complex applications and frameworks. But I believe “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!”

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