2 Reasons Why Singapore's New SingPass Logo Re-designing is not good

Note: This is merely from my personal point of view and this is just about the new redesign. Functionality-wise this is a super powerful application/ platform.


Right after I saw the new revamped logo of SingPass from my mobile while after it got updated, I realized something wrong with this design. Something wrong with the color and the shape.

Before I explain the issue I will give you few screenshots. You can think of it first.

1.0 When you search on the browser, (you might think there is an error on the SSL certificate?)
1.1 Last tab is the SingPass Web and this is how its favicon looks like (you might think there is an error on that particular TAB!)
1.2 Screenshot from the landing page
1.3 New SINGPASS logo

Then I will give you this now. I can think about the above new logo that is designed to give the idea of a Keyhole. Also, I agree that it's a good convention to have a small simple text-based logo and get the favicon or app icon extracting the same text-based logo.

But let's have a look at the below 2 reasons.

  1. Shape: I have rotated the logo. What do you feel now? An exclamation mark. So I feel it is like a warning for something or ‘danger’.
Rotated logo
Typical Warning icon

Even though that you didn't rotate it someone's eye will capture it as similar images.

2. Color:

We can consider the sing pass as a ‘pass’ or secured authority. According to the definition given by them, it is ‘Your improved digital ID to make life easy’.

By considering the above I believe this can be Red only considering that they want to show the characteristic of ‘strength’ using Red. Below are some colors tagged with feelings according to color psychology.

Below is just the typical feedback color palette for UXs. So you can see Red represents an error for the basic color pallet for feedbacks.

What are my suggestions:

  1. Show safety by using the proper color scheme
  2. Represent some notable but meaningful logos with simple shapes.
I re-designed it a bit. (Note: I always respect the original designer and appreciate the effort, this is just my ideas)

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  1. Color in Design Systems: https://medium.com/eightshapes-llc/color-in-design-systems-a1c80f65fa3
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I design, code, and make complex applications and frameworks. But I believe “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!”

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